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Wineglass-Meaning always given the happiness and cheers mood at the successful and joyful moment.

We adopt the aluminum metal feeling to lays out the stylish and elegant shape of the wineglass, put the soul of the wineglass into the structure of the product, support Marrit noble artistic temperament to meet the winners joy.

The earliest ergonomic chair designed by GTCHAIR with multifunctional wire control system, it has 11 functions, offering a full range adjustment to meet our needs, the design is beyond the domestic design style, comparable to international similar products.

The first wire control mechanism developed by GTCHAIR with double horizontal spring inside, making the sit excellence, soft and comfortable. This also changed the previous operation method and operating position of the office chair, with large tilt angle(up to 33 degree), making the using much safe, more convenient and flexible.

In order to coordinate with the operation of the wire control mechanism, the GTCHAIR designers overcome a number of technical difficulties, design a multifunctional wire control armrest with the height adjustment, angle rotation and wire control for Marrit. And we designed the switch which control the mechanism at the below side of the armrest, make the operation more simple and reasonable. 3D adjustable headrest with height, forward and backward adjustment to give you all aspects of adjustment.

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