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In today’s reality where traditional footprints no longer apply in a mobile workforce, adapt to the waves of the future by creating a balanced degree of flexibility and privacy in open-space concepts. Transform your modern office culture with our pod's sound canceling ability that offer a
distraction-free area and increase focus and productivity at work.

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S pod

S pod is an acoustic single user booth designed especially with digital business meetings in mind. It comes with an adjustable stool and power sockets to create a perfect mini office. Pods are your on demand solution when you need to make a confidential phone call or have a private online call with your client. 

M Pod

The M Pod is suitable for up to two or four persons and it's created with 1-on-1 conferences in mind. It comes with two sofas and a desk, which makes it perfect for most meetings requirements. Not only that, but it's movable, so you can simply put it in the office corner until you need it. The pod has four ventilation fans to maximize airflow. 


Working pod

For certain tasks we need a quiet place to focus and some distance to our colleagues. The office cube is the perfect solution to escape from distractions and leave disturbing noise 'outside'. But the reverse is also true: where can small group meetings be held or telephone calls be made without affecting others?

Open-space concepts, flexibility and new working styles characterise the office of the future. This brings a lot of advantages: entrenched structures are replaced, communication and collaboration are improved.


sound insulation


Fast assembly



Impresses with a good sound level reduction up to 38% keeping your space privacy.

Prefabricated structure benefits for quick assembly and easy storage which saves your time.

Having a phone booth in the office provide a sense of privacy to the employees so that they can attend their calls or do their task in peace.


offer more control


Moved quickly

When you add a separate phone booth that employees can use whenever they need to, it gives control back to them which results in better job satisfaction and morale. 

Thanks to casters on the floor and light weight, pods can be moved quickly if surroundings change.

getting it right the first time.

Talk to our consultation team about your requirements and we'll provide you with solutions  according to your needs.


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Since 2005, we have delivered solutions for some of the worlds well recognised brands. Take a glimpse in to what collaborating with Spencer Furniture Store all about.

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